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Welcome, 2022! And what a year we hope it will be!!!

Welcome, 2022! And what a year we hope it will be!!! But, wow-what a year 2021 was. Of course, like all years, it had its challenges. But putting those aside, we did it again, expanding leaps and bounds in every area of the company. To recap the past couple of years. We thought initially, with everything happening, it would be a great time to build our internal marketing strategy. Promote WP Electric and Communications, Inc., and our years of service in the industry since 1975. We all thought we would have more free time to focus on this area. However, WP Electric and Communications, Inc. and several others in our industry found ourselves part of the emergency and necessary infrastructures to help companies continue to strive during the changing times. We are incredibly grateful for the amount of business, experience, and growth we have experienced during this time.

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We appreciate your interest and look forward to sharing our current updates.

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