Welcome, 2022! And what a year we hope it will be!!!

But, wow-what a year 2021 was.

Of course, like all years, it had its challenges. But putting those aside, we did it again, expanding leaps and bounds in every area of the company.

To recap the past couple of years. We thought initially, with everything happening, it would be a great time to build our internal marketing strategy. Promote WP Electric and Communications, Inc., and our years of service in the industry since 1975. We all thought we would have more free time to focus on this area. However, WP Electric and Communications, Inc. and several others in our industry found ourselves part of the emergency and necessary infrastructures to help companies continue to strive during the changing times. We are incredibly grateful for the amount of business, experience, and growth we have experienced during this time.

In this same timeframe – we were already on the mindset of building and growing our marketing structure. So, we did! In 2020, we started small with an every 6–8-week newsletter, always giving time for our President to address everyone, this has continued, and we do not see this stopping any time soon. Our marketing team started building our online social media presence as well, initially with just LinkedIn but added Instagram and Facebook throughout the year. Towards the end of 2020 and through 2021, we created a full-length video, focusing more in-depth on each service WP Electric and Communications offers in our industry; this video also includes interviews with existing Clients and our staff. The entire company was involved, and we had so much fun learning through the challenges – with many new restrictions and protocols to uphold.

AND WAIT…….it did not stop there. The team moved directly into revamping and creating a new website. Adding our new branding and updating, including current pictures of work we completed, our video, and all of the services WP Electric and Communication offers. Upon the release of our New Website, we enticed you with a sneak announcement of additional projects underway.

It is time now to introduce you to our new Blog Page, located on our website. We are excited to finally get this underway, as our staff is diligently compiling and writing exciting news to share with you all about our industry.

Come check us out, www.wpelectric.com, where you can sign-up to follow us on all our social media levels, add yourself to our newsletter and now, join our blog to ensure you do not miss any of the new and exciting things we have shared with you all.

We thank everyone who has helped and supported WP Electric and Communication over these many years.

Let’s all together make 2022 the most remarkable year yet.


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